Tennis In Indonesia, The Past Story . . . .

Since Yustejo Tarik and his friends era, then followed by an era of Yayuk Basuki, Indonesia was well respected especially in Asia. But after that era, I very rarely hear the achievements of players Indonesia even arguably there is no satisfactory progress. For the tournament in South East Asia alone, Indonesia did not show satisfactory progress, let alone for the Asian and World level.

The year 1982 was a golden era for tennis Indonesia mainly male tennis player, which that year Yustedjo Tarik cs won Asian Games gold medal team of men, by defeating the host team India 2-1. Yustejo also won the men’s singles gold medal by defeating the 1981 Asian champion Kim Choon Ho from South Korea.

In the same year, Indonesia Davis Cup team which consists of Yustedjo Tatik, Atet Wiyono, Tintus AW, Hadiman, and Wailan Walalangi managed to destroy Japan team by a landslide: 5-0, in the final of the East Zone (1982) which took place in Senayan , Jakarta. This success has put Indonesia as the country’s tennis elite, aligned with 16 other countries such as : the United States, Sweden, Australia, India, french, and so on.

The next era is Yayuk Basuki. Tennis player born in Yogyakarta managed to reach 19 WTA rankings in 1997, and have it the name of Indonesia in the arena of women’s tennis in the world. There have been many proud accomplishments ever achieved by a player who was born on November 30, 1970, included reaching the quarter-finals French Open and Wimbledon in 1997.

Before plunging into professional tennis, in 1988 Yayuk with Suzanna Anggarkusuma and Waya Walalangi reached the quarter-finals Federation Cup held in Monteral Canada.

Throughout his professional career from 1990 to 2004 at least he has winning Patayya Open Champion (1991), Malaysian Open Champion (1992), Indonesia Open Champion (1993), win over Iva Majoli in the open Canada (1996) and other achievements.

However, with the end of gait Yayuk Basuki in 2004, Indonesia such as tennis accomplishments swallowed by the earth. Based on the ATP and WTA rankings released this week, Christopher Rungkat only listed in the ATP ranking of 438. Meanwhile, another Indonesian tennis players, such as Elbert Sie only at rank 946, Sunu-Waahyu Trijati ranked 991, David Agung Susanto – 1056, Aditya Hari Sasongko – 1113.

Let’s look at tennis Thailand. Danai Udomchoke (30 years), one of Thailand’s tennis – even if it’s a little old – was ranked 201, Kittipong Wachiramanowong – 21 years, was ranked 521, Peerakiat Siriluethaiwattana – ranked 799.  Especially if we see the Japanese tennis player achievements, India, indeed enviable. Especially if we see the Japanese tennis player achievements, India, indeed enviable. Kei Nishikori of Japan, entered the ranks of the ATP top 100 last week, which is ranked 31. Somdev Devvarman of India, ranked 84.

For women tennis players we would be so recognized Na Li of China, which this year won the French Open Grand Slam 2011 and make itself as Asia’s first tennis player who won the title in one of the Grand Slam series. Currently he is ranked no. 7 world. Besides Li, other Chinese players also began to follow the steps seniors such as Peng Shuai (25 years) is now 16 WTA rankings, Jie Zheng – 48, Shuai Zhang – 126. It is indeed a very proud achievement.

Meanwhile, women tennis players of Indonesia, Ayu Fani Damayanti ranked no. 220 WTA, Jessy Rompies – 413, Lavinia Tananta – 461. While Grace Sari Ysidora, Sandy Gumulya, Laili Rahmawati Ulfa, ranked only 632, 666, 1014 WTA.

It is very alarming, but this is the reality today. Indonesia had to work extra hard to put the players Indonesia parallel to the world’s elite tennis player. I dreamed that the next few years, there are tennis Indonesia that goes into these ranks. I really hope the board PELTI (Indonesia Tennis Association) willing to work hard to realize this ideal. I am sure, from tens of millions of children and adolescents Indonesia, surely there could be world’s top players, whether it be a year, two years or five years to come.

Indonesia . . . Ayo . . . kamu bisa . . .

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